Meet Jonah Torrez (made for my by notcreatingsims)

He is your typical self centered model asshole with a prescription drug addiction to top it off. He doesn’t plan on settling down anytime soon and with all of the attractive (and easy) girls that he works with and parties with, he won’t have to. He lives life in the fast lane and wants things his way or not at all. He is almost always hung over and always seems to find himself in someone’s face once he has a little bit too much. If you cross him, he will beat the living shit out of you and make sure that you never forget him or the damage he can cause you.

He lives in a complete shit hole due to the fact that he spends all of his money on booze and pills, and because of the issues his anger gets him into, it is becoming hard for him to book any modeling gigs.

He is taking Lucky Palms by storm and he will not be a name that anyone will ever forget. Whether that’s good or bad, you’ll have to decide.

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